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Considering a Home Addition in Halifax, Nova Scotia? Know this before you build.

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

A home expansion in Halifax is a great opportunity to rethink your living space and can significantly increase the value of your home.

Home Addition Before and After
Home Addition Before and After

1. What is your budget and what is your borrowing capability?

If your safe is low on cash for your home addition project, talk to the bank and arrange an equity-backed line of credit to finance. Decide what is a mandatory objective of build, and what can be cut if the budget gets tight.

2. Speak to a reputable builder, to get a free consultation

A reputable builder will know if your budget is in range of your design.

3. Get plans drawn up.

Many builders are qualified to draw up plans and offer a rebate on the planning fee against future work, saving you money in the long run. Ask about this option with your potential builders.

4. Permits, Zones, and By-laws

Contact the city to determine if you need a permit, determine if you are zoned for the type of addition you want to add, and to get a copy of the by-laws for your neighborhood to determine if your design is in compliance.

5. Make sure you are building on your land.

It is expensive to not adhere to property lines, know before you build.

6. Get quotes in writing and sign a contract

Get all quotes in writing with guarantees and warranties, sign a contract with the builder.

7. You get what you pay for

You may be disappointed by going with the cheapest quote and may pay more as extras are added on the bill. An experienced builder will stand behind their work and their quote. Choosing a fixed-price quote puts the risk on the builder to deliver the scope of work, versus a time plus materials quote puts the risk on you.

Looking for a home addition in Halifax? Han-Cor Construction is an award-winning builder and renovator, serving Halifax for 20 years. Contact to get your free consultation.


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