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When to Renovate Your Kitchen in Halifax

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Do you feel the need to renovate your kitchen, but you are not sure if you should do it now, or wait? Think of the following to determine if the time is now.

1. Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market in Halifax?

If you are thinking of selling soon, and the real estate market in Halifax is a buyer’s market, you are competing with a new home construction that is offering buyers the latest and greatest in kitchens design and functionality. Upgrading your kitchen could bring a higher home sale price and a faster sale compared to other houses in your area of similar size and age but have not updated.

2. Your needs in a kitchen has changed

Has your family grown? Are you busier and need to get meals and clean up done more efficiently? Perhaps your kitchen is now the centre gathering place for the family? Re-designing a kitchen with added storage, better layout of more people (entertaining), and adding appliances with time and energy-saving features can take the stress out of meal times.

Perhaps you have developed mobility challenges, and need a kitchen that works for people who sit and not stand? Add in work spaces that allows you to sit to prepare meals, makes it easier to reach needed items, and wider doorframes.

3. It doesn’t bring you joy anymore

Is the style outdated, or it is too dark, and you just don’t like spending time in the kitchen? It is time to renovate.


To cut down on the project expenses, keep your current layout for plumbing and electrical, as making changes behind the wall will erode your budget that could be put into the functionality of the new design and finishes that make you proud. Use a general contractor who can advise you not only on design but what choices will cost you more in plumbing, electrical, and carpentry.

Is there a better season to start the work?

Don’t assume all kitchen contractors have the same busy season. For one contractor or remodelling company, the summer may be busy, and for another, who had the foresight to hire extra summer staff, it is the perfect time. Any season is the right time to renovate your kitchen.

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