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Where to Stay During Your Home Renovation

If you're planning for a whole house renovation, it can make your routine life quite challenging. So, prepare yourself for some noisy and disrupted days ahead. Whether you're building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you really need to figure out a lot of things. Top of all, where are you and your family going to live during those days of renovation?

Sounds like something you're concerned about already? We get you. In this blog, we're going to suggest some of the temporary living situations while your home is getting ready!

Temporary Housing Options During Construction

Deciding to live in the construction zone can make it nearly impossible for you to carry on your daily routine. For example, the sound of machinery, dust, dirt, strangers, and unsettled living conditions. If you don't want any of it to disturb your everyday routine, it's better to look for a temporary living situation for you and your family. Here are a few options:

Short-Term Rental Apartments

Getting a room in a hotel is a suitable option only if it's a matter of a day or two. But if you know already that your home construction is going to take a month or even longer, it's better to rent an apartment. Not only will it ensure the comfort of you and your family, but it is also a reasonable option. Many apartment communities provide amenities like laundry, appliances, gyms, swimming pools, or a dog park.

Rent an RV or Mobile Home

It doesn't only sound fancy but also practical to experience living in an RV. You can "camp out" on your property in a rented mobile home or recreational vehicle. If you have enough utilities to access, why not rent an RV in your home premises so you can easily get access to everything in your home? This way, you can also keep a check on the ongoing construction, and at the same time, you're not disturbed by it.

Book an Extended-Stay Motel

There are certain motels where you can book an extended stay of 30 days or more. Be it for any reason, you're able to get a clean, operational, and near-to-your-house living option. Additionally, motels have all the facilities and services so that you will have a comfortable stay, and there won't be issues with privacy or safety.

Stay with Friends and Family

Don’t we often hear the phrase, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Why not put that to the test? If nothing else seems to work in your favor, you can place the bet on your local friends or family members. They wouldn't mind hosting you and your family for a few days until you explore more options.

Have You Hired a Construction Company?

If you're planning to get construction done in your house, trust only the best in the business. Han-Cor Construction is a local business in the HRM. We commit to providing clients with outstanding renovations, energy-efficient new home construction, quality service, and expert craftsmanship.


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