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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs Cabinet Refinishing

Are you already tired of looking at that old or out-of-order kitchen cabinet? You're not alone. So, maybe it is time to renovate, don’t you think?

Understanding Cabinet Refacing and Cabinet Refinishing

●       Cabinet Refacing

The method you use involves replacing the visible features of your cabinets, such as drawers, doors, and even sometimes their hardware. The old cabinet boxes are undisturbed. In its essence, it does become a cleaver cabinet cosmetic surgery. Kitchen front faces cover a broad range of material and style options. Therefore, you can change almost any aspect of your kitchen to your liking.

●       Cabinet Refinishing

This method focuses on revitalizing the existing cabinet surfaces. Preparation is done by initial cleaning, sanding, and then applying the new coat of paint, stain, or varnish. Refinishing does not entail structural changes. The cabinet will still look like before, but it can be a cheaper way of reflecting on your style and running minor touch-ups.

Cabinet Refacing:


• Wider design flexibility: We offer numerous alternative materials, colors, and styles to completely makeover your kitchen's appearance.

• Improved functionality: Get rid of the old and replace it with low-cost, handy things.

• Potentially faster process: Replacements of faces can be installed much earlier to consider the short repair time dialer compared to the whole cabinet substitution.

• Cost-effective compared to replacement: This can be another opportunity to save money as part of the cabinets' removal.


• Limited impact on storage space: The designer seems to have disregarded the logistical changes associated with the updated layout.

• Quality of existing cabinets matters: A prime example that would not fit the bill could be a severely damaged or structurally unsound cabinet.

• Costlier than refinishing: We must procure drawers, doors, and hardware, as well as set up the entire kitchen again.

Cabinet Refinishing:


• Cost-effective option: Let's start with the fiscally responsible way of revitalizing your cabinets.

• Preserves existing layout and storage: It may be for you if your cabinets are in good shape, you still like how they look, and your budget is low.

• Wide range of color and finish options: Styling it with a brand-new paint job is possible.

• Environmentally friendly: Stewarding the environment by repurposing conventional cabinets.


• Limited design changes: Firstly, limit the modification to only improvements in the outlook of the cabinet; Secondly, the existing style or layout of the cabinet is not altered.

• Not suitable for major damage: Won't focus on removing deeper scratches or dents, or because they are impossible, on warping.

• Time-consuming process: Time-consuming: might include tedious sanding with much attention paid to the finishing, a process that may take longer than refacing when done the conventional way.

Which Is Better for You?

You should choose refacing if:

  1. You are open to making a total change in your tonal style.

  2. The cabinets in your kitchen are in good condition but have a 90s look.

  3. If you are willing to pay the price for the extra domesticity it provides.

You should choose refinishing if:

  1. Your cabinets are structurally sound and are in fair or good condition.

  2. You are already in love with the layout and the style it portrays, but all you want is to make it look newer instead.

  3. Your mindset is towards sustainable development, specifically focusing on the ecological aspects.

Han Cor Construction is the Way to Go!

With over 20 years of experience, we understand how important it is to not only have a kitchen that looks beautiful but is also functional. If you are ready to start renovating, call us now at 902-471-3963.

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